Coordinating missions with inspiration

Facilitating knowledge sharing

Developing room to maneuver and an innovation mindset


Invent-iF advises leaders in managing projects and strategic business transformations where challenges are many: frequent corporate reorganisations, changes in effectiveness skills and work habits, for highly interconnected jobs.  Our mission is to coordinate projects with inspiration, to facilitate knowledge sharing, to develop the room to maneuver and to strengthen an innovation mindset.


We ensure the mobilization of the people involved, with an innovation mindset, and the coordination between the partners of the project. The relay function is indeed important, to follow the projects until their good realization, to ensure the respect of the objectives within the deadlines and the conditions required, to elaborate the necessary documentation, to negotiate with the stakeholders.  At the same time, the mobilization keeps the forces alive, to reach together the expected result.  With questions about "how to" move forward better, let us connect intimately with the question of why.  Companies are constantly subject to the pressure of better results to provide, at a better price Which  value could we create?...  What knowledge coud we better use?...  What risk could we challenge?...  How could we be more efficient by evolving together?...  So many questions about how to” better move forward, that we connect to the question of “why.